The Intensive Drain: Parenthood

Are you chronically exhausted? This exhausting thing called parenthood. Beyond prepping for summer intensive auditions, we are all dealing with a lot as parents that is invisible to the outside eye.

Mother's Day Your Way

Moms are all different and unique. Therefore, Mother’s Day should be celebrated in just as many different ways.  There are the double mom families and the single mom families. There are the grandma families and the “missing mom” families.  Finding the right gift or outing doesn’t have to be difficult. …

Travel Dream List

Here are a few places I dream of one day visiting: La Réserve Ramatuelle, St. Tropez, France Wauwinet Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Mohonk Mountain House The Point – Lake Placid Fogo Inn

Boo-tique Chocolates for your Squad

I don’t know what happened but recently the parenthood novelty of being able to sneak chocolate out of the Halloween stash has lost its luster.  I mean the thrill of the hunt is still pretty awesome, but the actual chocolate tastes like wax to me.  I guess I’ve been spoiled with …