Our Rockefeller:  Charles Square Tree Lighting

Our Rockefeller: Charles Square Tree Lighting

As a family we are New Yorkers at the core intertwined with our new Bostonian and Cantabrigian roots.  Aside from the fact that, as a family unit, we don’t celebrate Christmas (that’s just at Grandma’s house) there is still something magical about the Rockefeller Center treeand the tree lighting.  We check in with one another about the tree facts:  This year’s tree is from New Jersey (to many a New Yorker’s dismay.) and it is a 72 foot Norway Spruce that weighs 8 tons.  In our neighbourhood we have a large corner tree that the owner lights and often invites area neighbours to a little ceremony.  But our Rockefeller Center experience is usually at the Charles Square tree lighting followed by a nice early dinner at Henrietta’s Table.  There’s the tree albeit a smaller one, the ice rink (that opening ceremony is a week later), a mini crowd and probably much better food.

Henrietta’s Table has a great bright, cheery atmosphere year-round.  I just feel comfortable and happy when I’m there.  The food is as fresh and local as it can be and the menu has a great variety of classics as well as the chef’s special creations.  The have a wonderful assortment of menu items that are child-friendly on the kids’ menu and the regular menu as well.  Our youngest is not the best restaurant guest, so we often take him for walks to see the toys in the restaurant “lobby” and for treks up and down the hotel steps so we can get through a long meal.  Henrietta’s is extremely accommodating for families.

The Charles Square Christmas tree lighting in on Saturday, November 29th from 5:00 to 6:30 in the upper courtyard at the Charles Hotel.  There are people in costume singing carols, there are complimentary warm beverages, and apparently a visit from Santa Claus.  We usually make it through about a half hour outside and then head inside to Henrietta’s Table.  You can see the tree from most of the restaurant and unless you’re chasing a toddler out to the lobby you won’t miss the lighting of the tree.

Bon appetit. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: Charles Square Christmas tree lighting

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