In the Seaweeds:  Knitidiot to Knitter

In the Seaweeds: Knitidiot to Knitter

So my daughter suggested I learn to knit with her one Saturday morning while we were at the Knitter’s Brunch at Gather Here.  I’d been hiding behind my embroidery while Isabelle knitted along and the kind knitters helped her through any snafus.  So I decided to pick it up and give it a try.

My first project is a simple scarf.  Simple is, of course a relative term, since the knitting itself is straight forward, but the trouble shooting really throws me for a loop or two or a dropped one.  Now that I know the basics.  With a lot of help from the folks at Gather Here (Thanks Virginia, and Heather, and Maggie, and Danielle.) I am starting a second project to bring to my “how to fix your mistakes” class.

I have #9 bamboo needles (that may or may not be a little too short… I’ll have to ask).  I’m practicing with a light Peaches & Creme worsted wool 4 ply yarn.  I’m doing the Feather and Fan dishcloth pattern on the back of the label.

Since I’m done in for the evening (lots of getting started help from my Facebook friends, and going back to continental style which is how I first learned to knit when I made 1/3 of a hat while I was pregnant with my daughter, and the realisation that although I seem to be able to knit I’m not sure I am able to multitask as in breathe & knit at the same time) I’m going to write a few notes for myself here.

Saturday night – done rows 1-3, three times. (it says do 6 rows 1-6 nine times. so that means I have to do 1-3  once more to have done it all 2 of the nine times.  Therefore tomorrow I will do at least 3 rows.  I will then have to do the 6 rows 7 more times.  Sheesh!  confusing.


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