Hot and Spicy on a Sunday Morning

Hot and Spicy on a Sunday Morning

Fear Not: Its not as bad as it looks.

I know, I know, its not exactly the image you were hoping for given the heading, but if you need to recover, just go turn on the Olympics.  This is just the result of an unusual Sunday morning and the goop on my face is just a mud mask.  But let me start from the beginning…

It turns out if you are making something with hot peppers, such as the Tom Collichio’s spicy smokey coleslaw from the book (which I definitely recommend for the sandwiches and salads – although I am just starting to cook from it) ‘Wichcraft.  Then it is definitely not a good idea to go and start your weekend facial deep cleanse or jump into the shower and wash your face. 

Hot peppers + skin = not fun.  I’ve had a few hot pepper issues in my life and I did in fact wash my hands after cutting up the pepper but it didn’t matter.  A few tricks that do work and I probably should have done was to rub my fingers on a stainless steel spoon under running water (it helps for some reason, also to get garlic smell out of your hands).  Then I probably could have waited a while to wash my face, like maybe at the end of the shower.

Where does the mud mask fit into all this?  Well desperate times call for desperate measures, so with my face a-tingle, I looked around the bathroom and found a mask.  Quickly applied it.  The nice cool feel of the mask seemed to help and as it dried the tingling stopped. 

Lesson learned:  Do not wash face right after chopping hot peppers of any kind

And now for a slightly less scary photo: 

Although some cheeses are amazing with a slightly milder condiment others like a sharp cheddar or a soft cream cheese are so good with my newest obsession the original hot pepper jelly from local Stir it Up Jelly.  I got mine at Wilson Farm but they can also be found at the farmer’s market.


Last but not least…a sandwich recipe from the book: Slow-Roasted Pork with Red Cabbage, Jalapenos and Mustard

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