A Week in Phrases:  Dance Moms & Idioms

A Week in Phrases: Dance Moms & Idioms

This week has been about phrases, the dance kind and phrases as in sayings.


If you’ve taken dance classes ever or you’ve become a closet Dance Moms lover, then you know that dances are split into phrases.  I’d say I’m definitely not a dance mom, but until recently a mom that used to dance.  Now I get to be a mom that dances again.  I’ve gotten over myself and my inability to move my now much larger, less flexible, and older body and I’m now able to just enjoy it for what it is.  On Tuesdays, The Lexington School of Ballet has a jazz class for adults.  It is so much fun.  Just the right balance of warming up, learning a few dance phrases and stretching.  My only goal was to be able to move enough by the following week so that I can go again because it was such good fun.

As for the other kind of phrases, I’m taking about the “one way monkey”.  Did you see that on Project Runway?  I will remember that for a long time.  Dmitry was trying to say “one trick pony” and out came “one way monkey”.  Well this week, as I was waiting for my latté Henry was dancing around me and everyone around me who were carrying their hot coffees and carefully balanced pastries trying to just start they day, or reach there seats.  I told Henry, “Stop,  you’re driving me insane!”  Henry replies, *chuckle*  “You mean you’re going to another country?!”  I pause trying to figure out where that came from.  “No, Henry, I’m not going to Spain!”  And then he continued again as if he had ants in his pants, but I didn’t dare use that phrase and try to explain that one before I’d had my coffee either!

Then to round out the week, Isabelle decided to test my spiritual thinking.  She states, “Mom your spirit wants you to die.”   Me, “It does?”  Isabelle.  “Yes, your spirit wants you to die so it can be free.”   Okay, I’m driving home and trying to negotiate traffic which in the rain, with my check engine light that spontaneously went on, and Bostonian driver who fear driving in the rain as it seems to paralyze them, my philosophy brain has to also kick into high gear.  I don’t want to scare her, but I don’t want to interfere too much with her though processes.  I think I said something about if you listen to your spirit while it is in you, then it is free.  She seemed satisfied with that one…parenting is never a one way monkey!

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