Recipes for a Cocktail Party Benefit:  MidWinter Revels

Recipes for a Cocktail Party Benefit: MidWinter Revels

The Fayerweather Street School had their first annual MidWinter Revels last night and as an alum parent, social media consultant for the school, and of course a big fan of the teachers being honoured, I was motivated to play my part. Where do I fit in for all of it? Cocktails and pickles of course!


For the cocktails I wanted to tap into our local talent (both mixologists and crafters of spirits). We were thrilled to have many contribute to the event. Cambridge Brewing Company‘s beer was of course a hot spot at the bar with their Amber being the most sought after pint. Infusion Diabolique, out of Somerville, tantalized our palates and piqued our interest with their infused Tequila and Bourbon. Berkshire Mountain Distillers provided us with their perfected Greylock Gin enjoyed in a couple of signature cocktails as well as the Ragged Mountain Rum. The queen of all things delectable and beautifully crafted, Maggie Battista of Eat Boutique created a fresh take on the French 75 for the Greylock Gin. Liam Coughlin, of Henrietta’s Table, kept the party hopping with his two delectable cocktails a pomegranate, lavender, and Greylock Gin cocktail and a honey, mint cider Ragged Mountain Rum cocktail. Last, but certainly not least, we had 888 Vodka of Nantucket there to spike our blood orange “passing kindness” punch. The 888 Vanilla Vodka and 888 Coffee Liqueur which were enjoyed over ice cream and in Affogato.

And now for the pickles…

I could skip every traditional meal and just have a series of little snacks, small bites that pack a punch of flavor paired with a nice glass of wine, cup of tea, ice cold water. So of course, while marinating feta, skewering Caprese salads, sewing coordinating raffle ticket aprons, confirming alcohol deliveries and picks ups, I knew I could make time to throw together some quick pickles. As I’m driving to Russo’s to pick up citrus and fruit for dessert skewers and cocktail syrups, at a stop light I quickly Google Momofuku quick pickles. I get to Russo’s, park the car and scan the recipe. Easy! I don’t have 4 days, but I’ll make it work in just under 3 full days.

Here is the original and here is my variation. My variation has a few tweaks because I don’t like fennel, I don’t like any sweetness coming through in my pickles, and I was a day short so I changed the method slightly. And of course every chef (chef mom or not) needs a secret ingredient. Mine is pickling spice mix from Arax Market.


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