Learning Beyond School: Classes, Enrichment and After School

Learning Beyond School: Classes, Enrichment and After School

I miss the days of playing in our street until dusk. Until, one by one, groups of siblings were called in for bath, dinner, bed.

As a parent, I miss the afternoon gatherings of parents and babies, toddlers, tykes at the playground to prolong the inevitable arrival of ‘the witching hour’.

Once school and after school activities kick in, these open ended hours for both parents and children are harder to come by. They are there if you seek them out though. In fact, I’m hoping to orchestrate an older kids afternoon gathering at the playground in the neighbourhood.

But, before that, I’m planning the children’s various activities. Activities they love. Activities I want them to try to develop skills, discipline, and perhaps one day a passion.

From baby days to now, I have a great collection of our best classes, teachers, activities. The kids have outgrown their first music classes, chosen swimming as a hobby not a sport, and are ready for new things. Here are a few old favourites and some new ones on our radar.


Music Classes

We love Music Together. Groovy Baby Music are the classes we took.

For four year olds and up we chose the Yamaha Music School for a rich program that was fun and serious about solfege and ear training. The Yamaha Music School has their Open House and trial lessons September 7th and 8th.

Fencing is another new find. Olympia Fencing has classes for ages 6 through adult. The owner is so kind and enthusiastic. His son fences as well and they do a great job balancing fun and learning skills.

Lastly, my little dancer/choreographer will definitely be interested in Daniel McCusker’s class at The Dance Complex in Central Square easily accessible by T or there is a parking garage around the corner.

Making Dances
for 9-12 year olds

taught by Daniel McCusker
Friday afternoons: 3:30 – 5PM,
The Dance Complex, Studio 6
536 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02139
617 547-9363

Six week session begins on September 13, 2013

Drop-in classes: First child in family $10, two

Just around the corner, is Green Street Studios another amazing dance studio – (because of the people and space). It’s perfect for parents to take classes no matter your level. For the younger ones Katie Dealey’s classes are an amazing introduction to dance and movement.

Gather Here is another favourite of ours with sewing and fiber arts classes. Not your average ‘home ec’ sewing classes. You might spot children heading back to school with some fabulous back packs… and yes, they sewed it themselves on a snazzy machine. It’s a great place for mom or dad to try something new, pick up a new skill, or just be in a different space, place, mindset for a while.

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