After the First Day of School

After the First Day of School

After the morning photos of 1st Day of school grins, with relative sizes of backpacks, levels of toothlessness, what is there? Well, these days there is the requisite Facebook status update, or Instagram photo, and then we head our separate ways to home, to work, to our PureBarre classes, and various non-traditional workspaces.

Then comes dismissal… hugs, cheers, tears (hopefully few), and papers. The children spill out into the school yard to play a bit before heading home for the day. And the parents? They chit chat and if you look closely you see them unzipping. They’re unzipping backpacks looking for clues of their children’s day. Papers, drawings, 1/2 eaten snacks are pulled out, turned over and inspected.


You hear ‘clck’s and ‘tsk’s and see raised eyebrows. Then it is all popped back in, zipped back up and we prepare for another day.

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