Mom Can I Make Marshmallows? (Recipe -Video)

Mom Can I Make Marshmallows? (Recipe -Video)

I recently picked up a copy of Made From Scratch because I have all of a sudden been sucked into the world of America’s Test Kitchen.

My kids have been asking to cook more and more . My daughter especially wants to make food on her own. She has always cooked with me, but I like to make savory and now she is becoming the Klein pastry chef.

The nice thing about marshmallows is that it is relatively quick and easy and it has stages that younger kids can do too if they want to get involved.

20131015-165058.jpg Rolling the cut pieces of marshmallows in the corn starch/confectioner’s sugar mix is like playing in the sandbox. Then, tapping off the excess in a sieve and making it snow is just as fun.

20131015-165341.jpgThe other wonderful thing about them is that yes, the kids can lick the beaters but the marshmallows themselves need a day to set so they are not gobbled up on the spot.

If you want to make your own, you can pick up the magazine at Whole Foods or watch the video.

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