Halloween: The Aftermath

So here we are. On the other side of a night where we dress our children inappropriately in some way or another (too cold, as a scary being, as a branded superhero, as a career choice, a fantasy, too hot, too naked, too hidden).


Our homes are filled with piles of candy on the floor and in closets with little stashes in drawers and coat pockets.

So now what?

I think I’m going to start my day with a smoothie to counteract some of my candy nibbling from last night’s Halloween stroll.

What am I going to do with the leftover candy? The good thing is that Thanksgivingkkah is fast approaching.

We need candy for some good old-fashioned dreidl gambling. So it’s not gelt… York Peppermint patties are almost like gelt.

We’ll also be hosting lots of friends and family for Thanksgiving, so I get to do some candy sorting of my own. Time to make and freeze some cookie dough subbing candy bars for chocolate chips.

Let the fun begin!


    1. Well that candy us his, his sister has his own pile and we have leftovers in the trick or treat bin so we have plenty! My kids usually take one a day and then we eventually forget about it or lose interest. I usually unearth it come Easter and toss the leftovers!

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