Five Essential Apps for Blogging On the Go

Five Essential Apps for Blogging On the Go

I recently wrote on Habitual Home a post with a photo of my mussed bed and the header “This is where the magic happens”. Get your mind out of the gutter I am talking about blogging here. I am a busy person. We are all busy people. Our days are filled with dropped balls, juggling, letting things go and squeezing things in. Here are 5 apps I swear by to get a post on the blog before I even toss my covers off in the morning and step out of bed.

Most of us have photos on our phones and I’ve found that going straight from phone to blog post helps get a story up quickly.

Wordpress App: I blog just as often via the WordPress app as I do on my laptop. I can upload photos straight from my phone to the post, add links, tags and categories all from my phone.

Google: the indispensable Google. Just because you’re half awake, or on the go doesn’t mean you can’t do your research. I use Google to cross check facts, double check word meanings, and find links to support my story.

Rhonna Designs: The Rhonna Designs app is almost my entire design team. I love their app and graphics. It is useful for creating Pictograms (off to Google that to be sure it’s the word I want) infographics, jazz up pictures, and create eye-catching images to make your post Pinterest worthy.

A Beautiful Mess: Another member of my design team is A Beautiful Mess. I like the backgrounds and doodles in the app so I tend to use A Beautiful Mess in tandem with Rhonna Designs. I’ll save a background and graphic in A Beautiful Mess and add the rest of the design elements and text in Rhonna Designs.

A great post is not so effective if no one reads it. I use Bitly to shrink and track my links. You can post one of your beautiful images or photos on Instagram Google+, Twitter and add the Bitly link too.>

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