Definition: Car DJ


Car D.J., noun: The job of car DJ is strictly reserved for the driver of the car. If there are passengers in the back seat they will like have the most requests. The DJ is also known as ‘hey you’, ‘mom, mommy, MOM!’, ‘dj mommy mom’, ‘dad, daddy, DADDY’, ‘are you listening to me?!?!’, or on occasion ‘excuse me mom’. Car DJ must manage conflicting simultaneous requests. For example:
“Skip this song.”.
“But this one is my favourite.”

“Stop singing along.”
“But, this one is my favourite!”

“I am going to sing Elsa’s part.”
“But, Elsa’s part is my favourite.”

After your passengers outgrow their Music Together albums, you will rejoice (but admit it, you loved the sticks album) however you will be faced with the weird untamed world of radio, musicals, Kidz Bop and such . If you play it cool and sneak it in early, you can get them hooked to good real music.

Success story: The setting: drive to school. We have moved on from the Frozen soundtrack for now. While clearing out the car we found our long lost Bruno Mars cd. Requested songs: Treasure and Locked out of Heaven were enjoyed by all. Singing was permitted.


  1. Henry’s new favorite song is Ninja Rap sung by…Vanilla Ice! It’s from an old Ninja Turtle movie and he’s obsessed with anything ninja turtle. He was singing it in public the other day and someone stopped me and said, “Is he singing Vanilla Ice?!”

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