Lunch in Belmont: Patou Thai

Weekdays, I often will meet friends for work or just because we need to get out and chat. This Friday was a busy day between interviews for a story I’m working on and photos I needed to snap for an app job, I grabbed lunch with Jennifer of Politics for The Girls.

We went for the $12 lunch special at Patou. Tasty lunch. Fresh food. The food was skewed a little on the sweet side but still really good!

20140531-115614-42974983.jpg Jennifer chose the green salad, shu mai, and garden rolls

20140531-115614-42974308.jpg I chose the chicken wings, papaya salad and garden roll.

For appetizers you gave a choice of two and a soup or salad. Then, in addition you get to choose one full sized (and overly generous at that) main course under $9.

We both had the shrimp pad Thai. It was good enough that I dove in without taking a picture.


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