Mondays, Bacon, and Beer

Mondays can be a little rough.  Especially a beautiful like today.  One way to get through it all is to take a few minutes to think ahead to next weekend.  You won’t spend too much time because the weekend is still many days away but you get that nice little break to dream about fun things to come.

What’s going on this weekend?  A lot.


Cambridge River Fest:  This year in Central Square due to construction and Charles River Swimmers etc.
Heartbreak Hill 1/2 Marathon and Festival:  Running for the whole family.
Greek Festival Arlington:  Food and Fun
Salem Arts Festival:  Food, music, dance, art and fun.
Boston Bacon and Beer Festival: Bacon and Beer what more do you need?
Japanese Festival:  Part of this year’s River Fest
Redbones Bicycle Party: Redbones BBQ, Beer and Bicycles

That should be enough to get you started!

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