The New Year Dating Game

The New Year Dating Game


NB:  This post is not about relationships between men and women, men and men, women and women.  This is about your relationship with 2015 and the years to come.

I recently read a post by Rachel, of hernamesrachel, which changed how I look at the new year a little bit.  I’m not one for resolutions (although I make them all the time I just don’t time them with the new year. I make them throughout the year) I am not one for “words of the year” even though I did come up with one because although I don’t go all in I’m happy to play along.  This year I chose Simplify.   Rachel wrote My Breakup Letter to 2014 and i got me thinking “what if…”

What if, instead of thinking of the year as a blank slate we think of it as a new relationship?

What if, instead of instead of sitting back and seeing what happens we treat the year as a something with a little give and a little take? As my mom used to say when my brother and I were fighting and one of us complained, “It takes two to tango.”

On the flip side, for those who are more “goal oriented”, what if you stop running towards what you think you want and slow down a bit? Goals are not always met by chasing them down.  We’ve all known that person who tries too hard and (s)he never gets his/her (wo)man.

Relationships are complicated and so are goals, resolutions, how we spend, use up, or relish our 12 months of the year.  We have control over some of it and have to ride the wave of some of it.

So this year, just like any relationship except this one is with time, spend time alone, send love notes, type angry texts, say lot’s of “sorry’s”, have tender moments, get engaged/make a commitment, break up, try again, stop trying, walk away, and run towards.  Then, who knows what December 31st will bring, but whatever you do, don’t stay in a bad relationship with your year.  If it feels wrong, walk out the door and try something else.  Because, “It’s not you, it’s me.” is just a line and if you really think about it still takes two to tango.


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