Freshii Space: Tasty, Fast and Fresh 

Freshii Space: Tasty, Fast and Fresh 

In Back Bay, there is a plethora of pastries with Flour, South End Buttery, Café Madeleine, Formaggio, and Wholy Grain. In the neighborhood.  Then there are the burger spots such as Tasty Burger and 5 Napkin Burgers with salty, fried goodness. There is definitely a time for that sweet tooth to be satiated and that salty, greasy craving to be quashed. Hidden among all these temptations is Freshii. Freshii is crave-worthy too but it is for when you crave something fresh, satisfying, tasty, and something that you feel good after having eaten it.  After this first visit, when I was hosted for a tasting, I went back to grab dinner for my daughter after ballet and my son loved their frozen yoghurt too.

Freshi offers burritos, rice bowls, seasonal specials and juices. I liked the low key casual vibe in Freshii.  There was no pretention and I didn’t feel like I had to come in straight from my Pure Barre class donning my Lululemons and learn a secret language for ordering.  There are pre-made choices, recipes of sorts, with just the right grain, veggies and sauce that go so well together.  If you prefer though, you can take the checklist and make your own throw in whatever makes you happy.

At first, I was a little taken aback that each order was tossed together in a bag that was then thrown out, but it turns out that the bags are totally compostable and that the bags are used to avoid any cross-contamination of allergens.  Delicious peanut sauce requires careful tossing to keep everyone safe.


Another brilliant thing Freshii does is have collard green wraps.  These are the most amazing, no worries about white flour or gluten, vegetable wraps I’ve seen.  They aren’t falling apart and cracking, like lettuce does.  I have never been a big fan of wraps because I find they fill me up too much and they tend to be a bit stodgy.  This is the perfect solution, plus more greens for me!

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