Thanks for The Memories: Artifact Uprising 

Thanks for The Memories: Artifact Uprising 

It started a few years ago for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to give the kids a little gift and they were beginning to outgrow the Beanie Boos (or so I thought- luckily my daughter let it slip that she was hoping I’d leave them a treat and a stuffie to find on the dining room table Valentine’s Day morning). So, I decided to make them each a photo book (and rushed out to get the Beanie Boos too).  

This year, I was running out of time to make the books and it was stressing me out. Then, I discovered Artifact Uprising, which made making a book for the kids a joy again. I just selected all the pics I wanted for each child from Instagram and Artifact Uprising pulled the comments too for the perfect, meaningful and easy memory book.

I loved it so much I made two more books to put out on the coffee table about our recent trip to Japan.

I had a little trouble ordering two books because you can only do one at a time on the app but the staff at Artifact Uprising were so helpful. I wanted them to combine the two orders so there would just be one shipment and one shipping fee.

I think an Artifact Uprising book taken from your graduate’s Instagram or his/her bff’s feed would be a fab graduation present too! (Come to think of it, it would be perfect for Father’s Day too!)

Just wanted to share this new little discovery that I love!

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