Social Media Is Important (Guest Post)


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By, Henry Klein

Do you think Social Media is important? Well I do and I will change your mind! There are a million of reasons. Here are three:

  1. Social Media is fun.
  2. Social Media is helpful.
  3. Social Media is useful for work.

First, social media is fun. Some games I play you could play with your friends. Also some games may inspire you. Some have creativity. And some are just fun! Have you heard of Minecraft? Minecraft is a sandbox game. Sandbox games are games where the only limit is your imagination. Roblox is another one where people make different games that other people can play with friends.

Social Media is also helpful. You could text a friend to ask a question. For example, “What time is our soccer game tonight?”  You could also ask for opinions on Facebook or Instagram from friends. For example, “Do you like pizza better or hot dogs?”. Also you can do research for ideas on Pinterest for decorations, art projects, and party ideas.

Finally Social Media is useful for work. You can use Facetime or do a Google Hangout with work partners. You could also email something to a work partner. My mom is a blogger. She writes reviews on her blog and then share them on Instagram and Facebook to recommend places to go.

I hope these three reasons change your mind about Social  Media. you can do social media on a computer, laptop, or a phone.So go and try social media today!

When she’s not out and about with me, my sister, or my dad you can find my mom on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

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