A Delicious 88 Acres: Nut-Free Snacking

A Delicious 88 Acres: Nut-Free Snacking

“He eats like a bird.” is often said with a scrunched-up nose and a bit of a snarl.  With 88 Acres though, eating like a bird is a good thing especially if you can find a bag of their incredibly addictive, smart, and delicious chocolate and sea salt seednola.

88 Acres is an interesting company.  I first came across them picking up some bars for my daughter at the South End Buttery. She fell in love with the chocolate sea salt bars and I fell in love with the apple ginger bars.  I then learned that 88 Acres Bars are locally made and that was a bonus for me.  So far they had a lot going for them:

  • locally made
  • delicious and a good texture (no one likes biting into those ‘cardboard’ bars that taste like sawdust)
  • our favourite kind of flavours: chocolate sea salt, apple ginger, triple berry

Then, I found out that one of the company’s goals was to create nut free products because the co-founder, Nicole Ledoux’s true love, Rob, is allergic to nuts. Although we are not a nut-free family, we have many friends who are.  It is nice to have friends over for a play date and have a nut free, totally safe option to offer them for snack time.

Recently, I was sent a few bars as samples and this mystery bag of something called seednola.  I have to admit I was a little hesitant to try something out of a bag from a company that usually makes things in bars. I now see how silly that was.  The seednola is a fabulous sweet treat that my daughter loves for snack after school with some yoghurt or just plain in a bowl.  The brilliant thing about the 88 Acres Seednola is that it is made from the scraps of the bars; genius!!


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