Paper Love: Invitations and Stationery Beyond Basic (Sponsored)

Paper Love: Invitations and Stationery Beyond Basic (Sponsored)

I love paper.  It is kind of funny that in an age of online everything, “e-vitations”, and calendar syncing we are also in an age of stationery, journaling, washi tape, and custom all types of paper from photo cards to business cards.  Printing speeds have increased, the ability to proof work has been streamlined, paper and ink options are luxury to the max and the design options are endless.  I was recently introduced to Basic Invite and was pleased to see everything from free printables to custom invitations. So, when Basic Invite asked me to collaborate on a sponsored post and after a quick peek at the site I was in!

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At our house, we have parties throughout the year from birthdays and formal milestones to casual cocktail parties and Oktoberfest celebrations.  For at least a few parties a year, I like to send out real old school party invitations.

Even if I do an online ‘save the date’, I still like the idea of someone getting a paper invitation dropped into their mailbox to open in person. A nice thick paper and colourful envelope peeking out amid their catalogs and bills that will hopefully put a smile on their face. I also keep one copy of special birthday stationery like the kids’ first birthday invitation. I like to put the extra party invitation I keep in a scrapbook or shadow box.

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For the person who just can’t picture the cards online, Basic Invite has the option to order a sample before placing the final order.  This is great especially for the feel of the paper and the look of the colours.  Basic Invite offers so many colours (180 to be precise) as well as shiny foils, water-colour effects and other such stylistic details that having a sample in hand can really help.

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I’ve licked a few too many envelopes in my time and I’m old enough to remember that Seinfeld episode too (it doesn’t end well).  Luckily, Basic Invite has peel and seal envelopes and there are 40 colours of envelopes to choose from. In addition, the address collection service, within Basic Invite, allows you to share a link with your friends and family, collect their newest addresses and have them printed onto the envelope all free of charge. I happen to have lists on my computer and paper lists and old labels printed out (some dating back to our wedding) and none of them are completely up to date.  It is a bit of a disaster.  In fact, I just found a birthday card I wrote to my friend 3 years ago not sent because I didn’t have the address.  Perhaps it is time I consolidate and keep all my cards and addresses in one place online.

Also while those fab summer photos are fresh on your mind and easy to find in your photo folder, why don’t you design your holiday card now?  Then you’ll be kicking back with a hot toddie later this fall while everyone else is scrambling to find that one good family photo that everyone made it into.

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Once you have made the card, all you have to do is figure out who is on your nice list and send them the link to get on the A list this year.  I love how easy it is to ask for your friends to update their addresses (and that it’s free).

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