Favourite Cookbooks: The Broad Fork

Favourite Cookbooks: The Broad Fork

I love a good cookbook.  I read them. I browse them. I cook from them. I get inspiration from them. One that I love is The Broad Fork by Hugh Acheson.  I appreciate how he uses the all different parts of the ingredients, which I also like to do.  I highly recommend The Broad Fork especially for CSA members because of how he uses different vegetables and the leaves as well as the roots and shoots.

Yesterday, I got a chance to catch up with Chef Acheson who was in Brighton touring with a shiny Airstream, an All-Clad slow cooker full of 12 hour pork shoulder carnitas, a rainbow of Cholula hot sauces, and a brand new book.

You have missed the tacos from yesterday afternoon by now (I gave everyone a heads up on my @BostonCityLiving insta story prior to the event), but you can try to catch the chef on his next stop.  If  not, track down The Chef and the Slow Cooker as a great gift for the holidays (and I give you permission to buy yourself this gift too.)


**All tour stops begin at 12 PM local time, with a cooking demonstration, followed by a book signing.**

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