Xfinity in Your Home for the Holidays (Sponsored)

Xfinity in Your Home for the Holidays (Sponsored)

Sponsored by Xfinity

Infinity Is Not a Number

Infinity isn’t a number it is a concept. Whatever number have you can always add one more to it. Just when you think you have reached the end and gone as high as you can go you just “add one”, and “add one” and “add one”. That is the concept of infinity. Xfinity seems to following a similar model of endless options.

It All Started with Television

First, Xfinity added Watchathon Weekends with access to Netflix for everyone. They offered easy free upgrades to x1, which comes with the voice remote. Then, along came the Xfinity apps with the ability to check on connections, listen to voicemail, receive text messages and pay your bill all via the Xfinity apps. After that, Xfinity integrated Netflix seamlessly with the voice remote so that you can find shows on tv or on Netflix without switching between devices.

Just when storefront shops and customer service all seem to be disappearing, Xfinity goes against the grain and set up locations all over to let you and I come in and learn hands-on how to use the devices we have from tv remotes and Kids Zone to Xfinity home accessories. For mom, dad or whoever is the boss of home life, xFi is the latest game changer with the ability to pause wifi and get everyone’s attention when it is time to step away from screens. I am an Xfinity customer but I was also invited to an influencer holiday party at the Burlington Xfinity store to chat with Xfinity and learn a new thing or two so I could share any updates with you. If you are an Xfinity customer or are interested in becoming one, I highly recommend stopping into the store to peruse and explore.

I Hear You Now

Apps, voice remotes, store fronts, and such is a lot of “add ones” from a company in a short amount of time. Just when I felt like they couldn’t do much more, Xfinity revealed their latest new offer, Xfinity mobile! Xfinity has 18 million hot spots so that’s a pretty good start. Rates are $45/month per line for unlimited data or $12 per gig for set amounts of data. The best part is that you can switch back and forth between plans. We are all so busy keeping track of a million different things at once that our heads are spinning. This is one less thing to worry about because Xfinity will let you know if you are about to go over your data use so you can switch to unlimited instead of being surprised with huge overage fees. Now if only everyone would be so considerate.

Hang Out by the Pod

I watch enough HGTV and Property Brothers to know that open concept is in, but if you have an old house (and we do) it likely isn’t open concept The disadvantage of a house with many nooks and crannies, hallways and doors is that the signal for wifi seems to get a little lost. xfinity has apparently been thinking about that too, because I brought home with me a set of three little pods. The xFi pods plug into a regular outlet and can be set up in seconds (just a few seconds not infinity seconds). I took a quick break from reading my new cookbook to set the pods up.  Each set comes with three or six pods that you place around the house. The xFi pods boost signal as needed. This winter there is an unpleasant virus that seems to last days on end, this means the kids are home streaming shows, and my husband is home working as am I so we gave those little xFi pods a workout this week and they seem to be doing just fine.

Travel by Radio

One of the things I like to do when I travel is go grocery shopping, pop into a local pharmacy, and listen to the radio. They’re all things that I would do if I lived there and I love seeing what’s different whether I’m one state away or an ocean away from home. That’s part of the joy of traveling. I often bring back reusable grocery bags from abroad, and shampoos or lotion from the pharmacy. Then, when I’m home and using them, I am momentarily transported back to that place. With iHeartRadio, you can bring the radio station home with you too. With your x1 remote you can access both the IHeartRadio and YouTube app. No more “Calgon! Take me away!” Now it will be “Xfinity! Take me away!”

Kids Home for the Holidays

There is a little witching hour (okay days) between when school gets out and when Santa arrives where everyone is a bit to excited and a bit too exhausted. Our solution is to pull out some board games, take out some flour, butter and sugar (for baking) and to take a break and check into the kids zone for a little Christmas carol karaoke or games from the Kids Zone Santa Tracker app.

xfinity moms
xfinity moms are introduced to xfinity mobile


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