New England vs. Philly: Beyond the Super Bowl

New England vs. Philly: Beyond the Super Bowl

We’re ready to show Jersey Family Fun that we have some serious family entertainment and adventure up here in New England.

New England vs. Philly/South Jersey

Boston loves their hometown teams whether they are on winning streaks or struggling.  We are hardcore sports fans even those of us who never were before moving here.  This year the Super Bowl Lii is about more than just chips, dips and winning.  This year, Jennifer of Jersey Family Fun has challenged me to show her why we have more family fun here in New England.

football player Go Patriots
I am so pumped up for this game! Let’s Go Patriots!

What is Going On?

So here’s the deal.  The Super Bowl Lii this year is being held in Minneapolis at the US Bank Stadium and the teams playing are the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.  I couldn’t help myself and had to see what kind of family fun there is in Minneapolis while I’m at it. Now that’s a city that knows how to embrace winter!  We’re not going to the Super Bowl Lii ourselves, but it feels like we are because we are 100% behind the New England Patriots (politics aside). Jennifer of Jersey Family Fun, on the other hand, lives in Southern New Jersey and is rooting whole-heartedly for the Philadelphia Eagles.  We both want our teams to win and we both also love a good wager.

map of US - Who has more family fun Boston or South Jersey?
Who has more family fun? We do of course!

What is at Stake?

Should the Philadelphia Eagles win, Jennifer will be hosting my family in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area to not only prove that their football team is better but to show everyone that their area has more family fun.  My family and I would take over her social media feeds to share our experiences down there. Although we’re good sports she didn’t say anything about not wearing all our New England team garb *wink wink* when we do so.

On the other hand, should the Eagles happen to lose the Super Bowl, *cough cough* then Jennifer and her family will come North and see that we New Englanders really know how to have fun.  My kids have decided that they definitely need to check out Boda Borg, there are nearby water parks that might be fun too, a little history is essential and then I have to feed them well of course too.  Fellow New Englanders let’s make sure we show Jersey Family Fun that we have the best time witb our families up here.  I want their schedule jam packed with the best of New England.  Share you thoughts in the comments so I don’t miss any fun places, activities or restaurants.


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