Make an Art Shift: Home décor

Make an Art Shift: Home décor

My home is a constant work in progress on two levels.  There is the decluttering level which is never-ending between the kids outgrowing clothes, the four seasons, and all the papers that come from school, mail and work.  I think I spend about 30% of my time dealing with the clutter.  The rest of the time is editing our space.

I pretty much fell in love with everything made by The Matt Butler at NY Now. 

What I’d like to do is repaint some rooms, but I don’t have the time or money for that right now so the next best thing.  Which is actually a pretty fabulous option is to take down some old art and put up new art.


There are so many great places to source art.  I have been really into maps and places that are meaningful lately.  They are modern looking and very personal.  You can also go the antique route.  We got ours from The Neighbourhood Unit.

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The more you look at these photo blocks, the more you see.  They are simple and yet set you off on wonderful daydreams about places and spaces. 

I recently found some more art that I love for home décor when I visited NY now this fall.  One of my favourites was MKC Photography not only because of the playful designs and images, but also because of the sizes the art can be bought in.  There is something for every space. The art blocks are made of reclaimed wood and images are layered on to create whimsical art that is perfect for just about any room in the house from a little reading nook to a child’s bedroom.

I often like to frame wallpaper as art, but you can also just highlight part of a room with the gorgeous stick on wallpapers designed by Chasing Paper. You can use it on a closet door for a small accent or an entire wall.  I like the look on a bookshelf against the back of the shelf as well.

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I have a collection of letterpress cards that I love as well as some printed cards with different themes.  I love taking little messages from cards or illustrations that all have a similar theme and then framing them in triptychs or pairs.  Saturn Press has a great selection of cards.  I have had their campfires letterpress card for a long time.  I’m just waiting for the right frames and spot to hang it. This year I even found a calendar with a moon phase theme that I would love to frame for each month as it passes.  The calendar by Replug was a true work of art.

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Baskets and trays also can make beautiful wall art with more texture and dimensions.  They can even be set on hooks so they are easily removed and used.  Then the wall becomes both storage and a place to display them.  These wooden trays from Wolfum can be set into one another for a layered look.  I love the colours and designs. I also love the African baskets from Kazi Goods that are hand woven in Rwanda.  I love that the colours are in more muted tones and come in a variety of colour palettes.

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Wooden trays hung on the wall make beautiful art and space saving storage for functional objects. 

Don’t overlook your children’s artwork.  I love framing some of the kids’ work.  A combination of children’s art and family photos are up on each floor of the house because it all has a lot of meaning for each of us.  I like to look at the old photos and work and as the kids get older it is even more meaningful.


Whatever theme you pick you can probably find just the right art on Etsy or websites like Wayfair.  I have also had some great finds from TJ Maxx and Homegoods.  If you’re on a budget a mix of original art and mass-produced art is always in the budget you can even get creative yourself.  There are thousands of ideas on Pinterest.  Take your time, get inspired and just put up some new art.

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