Newbury Street Must Shops

Newbury Street Must Shops

The reason I like Newbury Street is that it is so very Boston.  Newbury Street is nestled between the gorgeous brownstones of French boulevard style Commonwealth Mall of the Back Bay and the bustling center of Copley Square.  I love to shop even if it just window shopping.  On Newbury Street, you can pop in and get a quick item and coffee to go.  On the other hand, if you have the time, you can spend the day strolling the street and checking out all the stores then stopping for lunch or dinner.   Here is My Newbury Street: The stores, cafés and restaurants that I like to shop.


I know that H&M has been around for a while here, but I’m a fairly recent H&M shopper.  I don’t actually shop the clothes for myself, but we did find a great graduation dress for Isabelle.  What I love about H&M are the housewares.  I love the designs of the linens, the kitchen wares, and the price point works well for my budget. If you have a teen, the knickknacks and gadgets available near the checkout make great gifts!


Georgetown Cupcakes

I do my best to not visit Georgetown Cupcakes every single time I’m in the area, but I don’t succeed too well.  I can always find an excuse to go in even if it is just for a cupcake of the day.  These are not a local bakery, but they make my favourite cupcakes, and I love that I can pick up a vegan one for my husband and a gluten free one for our friend Jen.  They have the classics and then they also have seasonal flavours.  Since I’m actually not usually a cupcake person, the ones I really love are the cheesecake flavours because they are more like cheesecake than a cupcake.


I have been shopping at Kiehl’s since before kids, but after kids, I shop there even more.  We all have sensitive and dry skin so Kiehl’s is always an essential fall stop.  I have to pick up lotion for dry skin and dry hands and Kiehl’s version is the best for sensitive skin.  We love their chapsticks and lip balms.  I stop in and get for each member of the family and then label them so we don’t mix them up.  If we’re going to travel, I always pick up  travel sizes but they also have some awesome products made for travel.  I especially like the purifying hand treatment and midnight recovery concentrate.


I love Camper shoes.  I have not found a pair that fits me just right lately, but I always stop in and look at the shoes.  Camper is like a gallery.  The shoes are amazingly beautiful, the leather is so soft, and the designs are fun and funky.

Lilly Pulitzer

My wardrobe is a mix of neutrals and then some really colourful patterns (most from Lilly Pulitzer and Oilily).  Lilly Pulitzer is classic New England.  You don’t have to be a person with a house on the Cape or Vineyard to own some Lilly.  It is fun and vibrant, they have good sale if you time it right.

Take a break from shopping and stroll through some of the beautiful Galleries on Newbury Street.  I’m always surprised by what I find when I stroll into a gallery.  Art makes me happy.

Thinking Cup

Thinking cup is my “go to” coffee shop on the Boston Garden end of Newbury Street.  I like their coffee and they have delicious salads, sandwiches and pastries too.  It is cute inside and a great space to meet someone for some coffee talk, or to sit a while and get some work done, people watch or regroup.

Shake Shack

Although we tend to go to the one at Chestnut Hill most often, we are a Shake Shack loving family.  If you’re craving a burger Shake Shack is a sure bet.




Muji has a little bit of everything I love.  Muji is a Japanese store with beautiful housewares, clothes, stationary and all the most basic necessities for a stylish, streamlined space.


Step out of the street and into a tiny Greek village when you walk into GreCo.  I love the vibe in here and there are so many things to look at for such a small space.  This fast casual, Greek spot doesn’t have to be fast or casual.  You can stay and linger and enjoy a few extra courses like some avgolemono soup, zucchini chips, and loukoumades to go with your gyros or Greek plate.


Studio 9 

Studio 9 is our spot for getting haircuts.  Isabelle and Henry look forward to a visit with Deb.  She has them looking and feeling fabulous after she works her magic.  Henry has tried purple streaks, bleached bangs, and red streaks too all thanks to Deb’s help.  I’m all for having a little personality with your sense of style.

Sitting fire-side to enjoy a hot toddy , a sweet treat or a good book is pretty sweet!  This is a real wood fire place.  A rare treat in any hotel but especially in the city and in your own room!

Tea at The Taj

Tea at the Taj is a really nice treat.  In fact, I think this might be our year to go again.  I have friends who have traditions of an annual Tea at the Taj with visiting relatives.  If you really want to soak in Newbury Street for more than a day, then I say splurge and book one of the Taj’s fire-side suites.


There is something about the shine of Tiffany’s that always draws me in.  I like to browse mostly, but Tiffany’s is actually also my spot for wedding gifts.  I have been able to find just the right bowl or vase or candlesticks for each couple that we have a wedding gift to buy for.

Isabelle and I taking a quick picture in front of Tiffany’s for a city scavenger hunt. We both toasty in our Uggs. Not to self:  Next time make sure to pull jeans over the tongue!


Winter is coming and Uggs are the only boots so far that I have found that keeps my family’s feet toasty all winter long.  I used to look down on Uggs as a silly trend, but now there are many more styles and I just can’t (and don’t find the need to) find anything else that keeps us warm no matter the winter weather we have.

Simon Pearce

Simon Peace is a glassmaker in Vermont.  Some day I will make it to Queechee and see the source, but for now I love to wander through the Newbury Street shop.  There are so many beautiful housewares, ornaments and gifts.  They also carry some pottery made by

Alex + Ani

I’m not one to stack a whole bunch of Alex + Ani bracelets on at once, but I do love how they tell a story.  I have a few charity bracelets that support causes I believe in and then I have a few that are significant to me.  I have an mlb Blue Jays bracelet, a Boston bracelet and an oyster bracelet.  It is a fun show to browse.  If you’re lucky you can sometimes find some on sale at Nordstrom Rack on Newbury Street too.


American Rhino

I first learned about American Rhino when I stopped in their pop up shop at MarketStreet in Lynnfield.  I love their story and their designs are simple and functional.  I fell in love with their table linens and Isabelle has been eyeing a dress for a while now.


Fresh is one of the first “new shops” I went to on Newbury Street and now it feels like it is one of the mainstays that has always been there.  I love going into fresh because they have well balanced scents, and the shop is set up to easily peruse.  A nice new soap or lotion is a great way to refresh a bathroom without investing too much time or money.

Sea Bags

Sea Bags is fairly new to Newbury Street and I am glad they are here to stay.  I love a good seabag and you can’t quite tell the look or sizes on line so going to the store in person and looking at the different bags helps you buy just the right one.  These Sea Bags last for ever so you want to find one you love!


COS caught my eye recently because of their window display.  I love the clean sophisticated look of the clothes.  I will have to check it out soon.


Just Do It.  I need new sneakers and I’m supporting what they’re doing.


Zara is one of the few clothing stores that has nice clothes for Henry.  It is not easy to find boys’ clothes that are not sweat pants are camo.  Zara usually has a few more options.  It is a store that Henry doesn’t mind going into because we find clothes we can both agree upon with both comfort and some sense of style.

If I have extra time I will always stop to ogle Chanel & Valentino.  This isn’t NYC’s 5th Ave but we have just a splash of the classic greats.


Another stop that I try to make time for is Kitchenwares because I can never resist a kitchen store.  This is a good one too with some of my favourite kitchen brands.  They also host events.  I bought my first Epicurean cutting board here and I have never looked back since.

Mother Juice

Mother Juice makes delicious juices that just make me feel good.  I will always stop here for a juice to bring home.  If I don’t have time to stop for a meal I’ll grab a juice for lunch too.


Miniluxe is where I go to get my nails done.  They have clean, safe practices, friendly staff and all of my favourite nail colours.


Okay, so I have to admit that I have not been to the Newbury St. location of Roots yet, but I live in my Roots clothes!!  Especially in the fall and winter, all the warm sweats and socks come out.  As a Canadian, roots is like my national uniform.  I have seen pics of the Newbury Street showroom and can’t wait to check it out myself soon.


Who can resist a Woolrich plaid?  Not me.  Going into this store gives me all the retro cozy feels.

photo 10.jpg


Eco-friendly and outdoorsy, the Fjällräven brand has made it onto every trendy person’s back in the form of their well known K˚anken backpacks.  If you look beyond the backpack though there are great clothes whether you’re going hiking on weekends or just want to look good and be comfortable as you walk across town to work.

Lady M

Another New York import, Lady M. confections deserve a spot in Boston.  These crêpe cakes are delicate, layer after layer after layer of crêpes and cream in different flavours.  Grab a slice to bring home to enjoy yourself with tea or pick up an entire cake for a special occasion.

photo 11.jpg

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