A Much Needed Helping Hand: Peapod Services

A Much Needed Helping Hand: Peapod Services

You’ll hear parents say, “I need a vacation from my vacation.”. It is not that we are ungrateful for vacations it is just that any shifts to our already stuffed weekly routines take a while to recover from. We need to catch up on laundry because we took time to spend a day at the Children’s Museum. We need to empty then restock the fridge and pantry because we just got back from a ski trip or a beach vacation. In our house right now, our reality is that I came back from vacation and got hit with a knock me off my feet head cold. So just packing lunches let alone shopping for food seems like an impossible task. Peapod, a service I used when my kids were newborns, reached out to me to do a sponsored post, and I am so glad they did. It reminded me that Peapod isn’t just for new moms. It is a service for anyone who needs a little help making their busy week easier.

This week Peapod has been an incredible help. I was able to stay huddled under a blanket next to my box of tissues and not only order our regular groceries but stock up on ginger, honey, cinnamon and lemons to help me fight this cold. I took out my phone and went onto the Peapod site. I picked a delivery time, and since I work from home, I can take advantage of the discounted delivery time slots. I saved $4! I ordered everything we needed. Well not everything because my brain was in a fog, but I was able to add things to my order as I remembered them and Peapod gave me a warning when my time to add items was up as well.

If you know how I cook and eat, you know I like to shop local. I buy my meat at a local butcher and get my vegetables from a CSA and farmer’s market. That is still true, but we also like cereal (the sweet ones we eat as dessert), crackers, chips for lunches and such. Having these staples delivered just allows me to have one less stop to make when I shop.

I also love a good deal. Using the Peapod site to order my groceries allows me to plan a menu based on what sales there are. I could also take advantage of some pretty big discounts like 25% off cereals when you buy 5 (but they let you mix and match). In addition, you can load coupons right from the site and search by specials.

My delivery was right on time. I got a text when they had a arrived so I had time to emerge from under my pile of tissues, make myself presentable and open the door. The delivery person brought the groceries right up our stairs into the hallway. I could have had him put them in the kitchen but the counters were a mess from the morning rush. He informed me of one substitution, which was fine by me, but I had the option to send it back with him for a refund. I was also able to tip on the sheet that I signed upon delivery so there was no need to scrounge through my purse for cash. I read online that $5 is a typical tip.

There is a delivery fee that ranges from $6.95-$9.95, but Peapod is offering my readers a special discount. In addition Peapod has PodPass, which gives subscribers unlimited free delivery and pick-up for one low price with 3 month, 6 month and 12 month options. This is a great option for people who want frequent deliveries.

Readers of City Living Boston living in the Boston/MA area can use the code: Fresh50

This code will give you $25 off your first two deliveries and 1 year free delivery with PodPass subscription. The code is valid through the end of March 2019 for Boston/MA area residents only.

Now put groceries at the top of your to do list and check it off the list!

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