Cookie Cookie Cookie Starts with C

Cookie Cookie Cookie Starts with C

I like baking cookies. I like eating the dough while I’m baking cookies. In the late afternoon too, I’ll gladly indulge in a cookie and tea. Recently, though I find myself even more cookie obsessed. Here are just a few of my latest cookie crushes.

Ice cream, cookies and cookie truffles.
Cookies come in all forms.

Maya’s Cookies were front and center on my radar this spring for two reasons: they make vegan cookies and they are a Black owned business. I wanted an extra treat for my husband’s birthday and since he doesn’t eat dairy Maya’s Cookies were the obvious choice. Maya Madsen’s flavours are plentiful and creative. This time I ordered the vegan cookies for my daughter and husband and decided to try out the gluten-free ones as well for our friend who has celiac disease.

Man opening cookie box.

Locally, we have been indulging in deliveries from Chonkie Cookies. Chonkie Cookies caught my attention for their unique flavours like black sesame marshmallow, Vietnamese coffee and fruity Ube. This week they have mooncakes instead of their regular cookies, which were also beautiful and tasty. Sorry the video is so small. The cookie deliciousness is inversely proportional to this little video clip.

Chonkie cookies are so big and packed with flavour that we keep a knife in the box and take turns cutting wedges of the cookies until we have tried them all.

JP Licks just came out with the ultimate cookie lovers ice cream. It is Cookie3 (cookie to the power of 3). Cookie3 ice cream has a vanilla base and at first bite you get that familiar hydrox cookie flavour with the chocolate wafer and the creamy vanilla. Then, as you delve into your next few bites you’re on a cookie journey that discovers nuggets of cookie dough followed by chocolate chip cookies. It is a cookie lovers dream. In store, you can get Cookie3 as a cookie sandwich between two layers of triple chocolate chunk cookies.

JPEG image-3F5B0E0AD8B0-1

Milk Bar opened in Harvard Square a while ago and it is like a Candyland for baked goods. I admit that Milk Bar’s goodies are on the super sweet side of things and that’s not usually how I roll. Their newest treat, though, has some kind of magic and I’m a bit addicted. You don’t even have to live near a Milk Bar or pay for shipping because both Target and Whole Foods carry the truffle crumb cakes. If you have a sweet tooth these “cookies” will fix that right up.

Milk Bar cookie crumb truffle.
Milk Bar’s refrigerated cookie crumb truffles are a delicious cookie-dough-like treat.

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