Beach Day Tesalate Blanket: Australia Knows Best

Beach Day Tesalate Blanket: Australia Knows Best

Blue and white chevron and stripe Tesalate beach towel with book, snack, and sun hate.
A book, some snacks, a hat and a duel purpose beach towel and beach blanket is all you need for a quick escape from the city to the beach.

As soon as the weather is sunny and warm, I push my snow brush to the back of the trunk and replace it with things I use for picnics.  I keep a couple of  picnic blankets in the car, some wooden utensils, a few melamine plates, Wet Ones, a tea towel and a cooler full of waters.  This is everything I need for an impromptu picnic.  When the children were little, weekly dinner picnics at the local playground or CSA were the norm.  A picnic was as simple as pizza from Armando’s or picking up cheese, bread, and charcuterie from Formaggio Kitchen.  These days, we have later bedtimes and head to the beach for evening outings.

cheese and bread on a picnic blanket at the beach
A picnic at the beach is such a treat and if you live in the Boston area you’re lucky enough to have beaches nearby.

This year I was lucky enough to learn about Tesalate’s beach towels and they sent one for review.  What first drew me to the company is the wonderfully fun and fabulous patterns Tesalate towels come in.  For picnics, I chose the XL size and chose this geometric blue and white design.  I plan on getting one or two more individual sized towels and then I’m going for something bold and beautiful.

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Although I have only had the Tesalate towel for a little bit, the fabric reminds me of some of my hair drying towels, some of which I have had since high school and are still in perfect condition, so I think that the Tesalate towel will be around for many decades.  The towels are made of microfibers that even when wet, won’t let the sand stick to it.  That’s perfect for any beach day but especially for a picnic.  The main hazard of beach picnics is the proximity of sand to your food and drink. No one likes biting into that grit.  The towel itself is very compact and comes with a simple drawstring carrying bag.  It is easy to lay out on the sand, and I usually weigh down the corners with my bag, a book, some rocks found nearby or you can even bury the corners in the sand since every grain falls right off when you pick up the towel.

Tesalate beach towel by the ocean
It’s always cooler by the water. Tesalate beach towel lets you get as close to the water as you like.

Make sure your water bottle is closed when you pack up your beach gear, but should you forget, the Tesalate towel will absorb a whole litre of water.  Ideally, you won’t need the towel to absorb a spill, but if you and the kids spontaneously decide to jump into the ocean after dinner, you can easily pack up the picnic, pick up the blanket sand-free and dry everyone off before hopping into the car to head home.

Tesalate towel on a rope drying
Homeward bound. The towel will be hung to dry for the next time.

When I get home from the beach, I like to hang my beach blanket on the front porch to air dry.  The Tesalate beach towel is absorbent but also dries quickly which is definitely a perk because I like to pack up the beach bag and have it ready to go the next morning.


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