Teen Easter Basket

Teen Easter Basket

We definitely have chocolate loving teens in our family, but not everyone loves chocolate. Teens can be tricky as their tastes turn on a dime. I think the perfect teen Easter basket has to have a few things that show you know they are getting older and more independent and a little nostalgia too.

Bringing back Barbie for some childhood nostalgia.

Sweet Treats

For sweet treats, include some of the teen’s childhood favorites, but include something new too. We are not jelly bean fans in this family (although I do like the black ones) so when I heard that Jelly Belly made gum, we had to give it a try. Jelly Belly is known for their flavors and in the gum the flavor game remains strong. The gum comes in: watermelon, beery blue, island punch and very cherry. It is also sugar free which makes it a great option those who cannot have sugar. My teens love a little salty with their sweet and I’m not just talking about attitudes. Include some cool salty snacks that they have never had like some interesting chips from HMart, Irish or English crisps that you can pick up at Cardullo’s or Kiki’s Kwik Mart or order these salty sweet OMG pretzels from Amazon.

The perfect Easter basket has something new and some old favourites. Sweet treats and salty too.


I have to admit when I was sent Unstable Unicorns for review, I thought I was getting a little kids’ game but it turns out its actually for an older crowd. It’s one of our new favourite family games and is good for tweens and older. They also make a kids’ version of Unstable Unicorns for ages 6+. I like to include some silly putty, maybe a small Lego kit or in this case an uodated Barbie just for the nostalgia factor. It’s amazing what a little play time with toys they used to have can do to soothe that teenage angst.

Glossier lotion and a gift card to Concord Ave Cafe where I used to take them often as kids but they can now go on their own.

Teenage Life

I include teenage-specific items too. I would suggesr some sunscreen for those upcoming beach days or a favourite hair product. We are loving Glossier’s lotions and body washes lately. A travel cup for when they take the car for a day of adventures with friends and a gift card to a local spot they like to frequent for an after school treat or lunch with friends.

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