Blue Man Group: Everything Old is New Again

Blue Man Group: Everything Old is New Again

Blue Man Group making music with pipes.
Photo courtesy of Blue Man Group

I don’t know about you, but the pandemic has made time warp for me. I think some things took place a couple months ago that actually were two years ago, and other things that happened pre-pandemic feel recent. The plus side of all this is that everything old feels new again. I am old enough to remember when Blue Man Group first came to Boston and am now taking the kids to see it for their first time. Blue Man group has maintained their Boston residency because they know how to keep the show fresh. If you have been to a show in the past, it is time to revisit them, and if Blue Man Group is new to you, then you are in for a wild ride.

Enter the theatre after checking in out front with your vaccination card.

Blue Man Group plays at the Charles Playhouse. You enter the building to a space with a hands-on exhibit that sets the tone for the show, which is very interactive. There is a bar and bathrooms on this ground level space and then you will head upstairs to the theatre. The theatre has a “poncho” section where you will be rained upon or splashed with various splashy things, but you do not need to sit in the splash zone to feel a part of the show. In fact the seats that are further back are probably better for younger children as the splash zone seats are not raised so sight-lines may be tricky.

Overlooking the Splash Zone at Blue Man Group

The performance is full of humour for spectators of all ages. There is drumming/percussion, music, art and comedy. It is an intelligent show that appeals to all audience members regardless of age or interest. Blue Man Group excels at being relatable in their comedy and thoughtful in how it is presented.

Messy fun is always more fun when it happens outside the home and you don’t have to clean it up. Thank you Blue Man Group. Photo courtesy of Blue Man Group.

Tickets for Blue Man Group can be purchased here. Keep an eye out for school holiday specials as well. For April Vacation, additional shows and show times are available as well as discount tickets for families Get 25% off a family four pack of tickets, but please note that children 5 and under are not permitted in the theatre.

Meet and greet with one of the stars of Blue Man group. Photo courtesy of Blue Man Group

All guests who are ages 12 and older must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with an FDA or WHO authorized or approved vaccine and must show proof of vaccination at their time of entry into the theater with their ticket. More information can be found at:

Guests with accessibility questions, or who require additional assistance related to the venue’s COVID-19 policies may contact: or 617-426-6912

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