Nice, a Fest 101

Nice, a fest is coming up next month in Davis Square. Here are a few things to know as you make your plans for a weekend of music and festivities.

You can now stop at Wanna Hear it Records in Watertown for your Nice, a fest passes without paying any fees. Who doesn’t want an excuse to head to a record store anyway? If you haven’t been to Wanna Hear it Records yet, it is worth a visit.

So where exactly are the concerts taking place? On July 25th through 28th you will make your way to Davis Square in Somerville, and if the weather is gorgeous you can stroll around and enjoy the great outdoors as well as the outdoor stage in the Grove Street Parking lot. Unlike other festivals, if you get a little hot, you have the lovely indoor venues to escape into. I have been to several concerts at Crystal Ballroom and it is such a wonderful space. The Rockwell gets a little cozier and is also a fab spot to take in some tunes and get into the underground (music and otherwise).

Small Mart Poster designed by Bearded Tales of Woe

When I’m at a festival, I like to take some time in between sets to let the music just absorb into to me while I wander around. Sometimes I just stroll and people watch or I will sit and enjoy a drink or snack. I also enjoy shopping the market, which usually brings interesting and unique artists, artisans and collectors together. Nice, a fest is partnering with SmallMart a beloved local vintage, maker and artisan market.

Nice, a fest tickets can be purchased here or over at Wanna Hear it Records in Watertown without fees.


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