Brunch at Foundry on Elm (Davis Sq.)

Brunch at Foundry on Elm (Davis Sq.)

I had the opportunity to be a guest at Foundry on Elm with the Boston Brunchers and then went back to test it out with the whole family.  Both times we enjoyed a delicious, relaxing meal, in one of my favorite squares.

Menu Foundry On Elm TM

The food at Foundry on Elm is very good and the French brunch buffet ($15) is classic without being boring. I’d say it is more of a “Franglais” mix of French and American brunch.  They also have a kids’ price for the buffet, which I can’t quite recall but just ask if you think your child’s appetite is buffet-worthy.  There are some great sausages from Vermont and nice thick cut bacon for the carnivores in the crowd.  Those who prefer to go meatless can choose from the delicious pastries, egg dishes, fruit platter, granola, yoghurt, and more off the buffet.  Then of course there is the à la carte breakfast menu where plenty of dishes can be ordered with or without the meat.

Whatever you do, don’t skip the decadent and pecan-laden, caramel-doused French Toast pudding.  I think an order of the beignets is also a must for each table.

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