Burger at Brunch:  Tryst

Burger at Brunch: Tryst

I have to admit that although I enjoy a great burger, I like it as a rare treat (pun intended I suppose.).  Recently, I was craving that occasional burger, but wasn’t sure where to go.  Luckily, if you live in the Boston area then you’ve got your own personal burger concierge Richard Chudy of the Boston Burger Blog.  I had some errands to run in Arlington so I tracked Richard down on Facebook and asked for some suggestions for a burger in the area.  The suggestions came back instantly, though still “untested”, Richard suggested I head to Tryst or The Madrona Tree.

I asked my daughter if she wanted to get brunch somewhere I little fancier or a little more low key.  She chose fancier, so we headed over to Tryst.  So, glad we made it to Tryst!  Not only did I discover that it is way more family-friendly than it once was, but I had a great burger!

Burger as it should be.

When I first saw the burgers go by, I was a little concerned about the bun.  They looked like they might be on the bready, stodgy side, but I was keeping an open mind.

I ordered mine medium rare (I won’t order rare the first time at a restaurant until I know a little more about the burger and the meat.)  It came nicely charred on the outside and perfectly cooked.  The pickles were good with just a hint of sweetness, that I don’t usually tolerate, but somehow it worked.  The bread was soft enough and the juices soaked into the bottom of the bun making it not stodgy at all.  One of my burger pet peeves is a bready bun.  The burger itself was tender and tasty.  I tend to like a thin burger, but this was one that would please the thick or thin patty lover.  Chef Turano gets the meat for his burger from Bianco & Sons in Revere.  This is one of the top burgers I’ve had.  I recommend it highly.

I like a little fire on my food. Perfect char.

Also enjoyed with this meal was a delicious cocktail (a bloody good one actually!).

I haven’t had a lot of burgers in town, but other burgers I really like:  Wild Willy‘s grass fed burger, Kitchen on Common burger with house made pickle, Craigie on Main‘s indulgent burger.

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