Brunch at Lone Star Taco Bar

Brunch at Lone Star Taco Bar

Lone Star Taco Bar deserves way more than a lone star!  I have put off writing this post because every time I even think about Lone Star my mouth starts to water and I crave their food.  From the homemade hot sauces (sweet potato habanera and tomatillo agave) to their corn pancakes with jalapeño and their classic Margarita to the hearts of palm salad, everything was delicious.

Lone Star Taco Bar is open daily for brunch and definitely worth a visit.  It is true that tacos are street food and the price should reflect that, but Lone Star’s tacos are a step above and worth the extra pennies.  My first visit to Lone Star was with the Boston Brunchers as a guest and I returned within a week again and I think I’ll be heading there again by the end of the week!

pancakes tm
Jalapeño Corn Cakes ($5)

The Corn Cakes are perfectly balanced, light and fluffy, not too spicy and not too sweet.  I am slightly addicted to the house made hot sauces.  I found myself putting spoonful after spoonful onto my chips.

pickles tm
House Pickled Jalapeños ($1.50)

The house pickled Jalapeños are nice and spicy some hotter than others so its a bit of a gamble as you bite in, but you can always calm your nerves with a nice Margarita and soothe your mouth with a creamy bite of the street cart grilled corn.  The ceviche was a generous portion of fresh and not overly seasoned fish.  Less delicate than some ceviches I have had, but still really good!

dog tm
The crazy super duper, I can’t remember the name of it hot dog. This was not to be missed but should only be enjoyed with friends!
salad w menu tm
Ensalada de la Casa.
tacos tm
A trio of tacos: Baja, Chorizo, Carnitas ($4)
corn tm
Grilled Street Corn ($6)
ceviche tm
queso tm
Chili con Queso ($7)
hot sauce tm
Sweet Potato Habanero and Tomatillo Agave Hot Sauces (free on the table)
salsa tm
Salsa and chips ($3)
lone star lunch crowd tm
Lone Star Taco Bar is a hot spot even midweek for lunch.
guacamole tm
Chips and Guacamole ($9)
Lone Star tm
Look for the lone star over in Allston.

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