Assembling in Somerville: A Destination for All

Assembling in Somerville: A Destination for All

Southern Kin Cookhouse in Assembly Row

Somerville is my neighbour and parts of Somerville are very close by. Davis Square is just on the other side of Massachusetts Avenue and yet other parts seem a world away. It wasn’t until Assembly Row opened, that I realised how quickly you can get there from here.  In fact, for my most recent visit, when I was invited to shop and explore Assembly Row for this post, I came in from Boston’s South End and was amazed at how close it was. In addition, with the Orange line going straight to Assembly station on the Forest Hills line, you don’t even need a car to get there.

Legoland Discovery at Assembly Row, Somerville.

As a family, we have come quite a few times to the movies at the amazingly fabulous and comfortable AMC theatre,  for dinner at some of the many restaurants, and to Legoland Discovery, but I had never really been for a shopping day.

Assembly Row really does have something for everyone and the offerings keep expanding.  The setting along the Mystic River is fabulous.  The children always have fun at the playground and I can’t wait to enjoy a cool summer’s eve on the patio by River Bar for a cocktail by the fire pit.

There are too many facets to Assembly Row, to fit all into one succinct post so I’ve decided to break it down,  I could do it by dining options, shopping options, and activities, but Assembly Row also hosts so many events that I’ve decided to do it by type of outing.  So if you want a Day out with the Tots, Lunch with your Bffs, Date Night with your True Love, Family Night, a day of Sunshine & Errands or Rainy Day Escape or a Family Weekend Outing, I have it all laid out for you.

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