Capo Gets a New Pastry Chef: Kate Holowchik

Capo Gets a New Pastry Chef: Kate Holowchik

With this craziness of life in general, my goal this fall is to enjoy at least one meal out as a family most weeks.  It is a time to reconnect outside the house, enjoy a meal together and go into the city or on a mini road trip to explore a new neighborhood.

My grandparents’ rec room had a full bar and some of the most fabulous furniture. Capo’s supper club takes me right back here. Bobbie and Zayda’s old house in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I was invited to check out Capo’s Sunday Suppers a while back. This little neighborhood in South Boston (not to be confused with the South End) is a pretty special place.  There are a few blocks with cute little shops and restaurants that you just don’t find in the city that much.  The restaurants are huge but also feel cozy and have a home-like vibe.  When you are parents a large restaurant is a blessing because you can stroll around with a child who needs to be distracted or you can be at a table far away from the young couples out on a date so you don’t feel like you’re ruining the atmosphere. Capo even somehow recreated my grandparents’ basement bar and lounge area with the retro vibe and all.

My visit to Capo had four wins and a loss.  The wins were:

Capo South Boston-12

  1. I am a fan of that little part of Boston. It has its own neighborhood vibe.
  2. The menu was full of tempting choices. I like a menu that is not too big or too small.
  3. Getting to Capo was easy.  I always think of the South End as close to Cambridge and South Boston as very far, but the truth is that South Boston is just as close and faster to get to than parts of Cambridge.
  4. The space.  Capo has tons of fabulous spaces.  You can sit by the window and watch the passersby, you can settle into a booth in the belly of the restaurant and get lost in conversation with good friends, you can sit at the expansive bar or you can settle into the back room with family and listen to some live music. That is just the upstairs space! Downstairs, Capo has somehow recreated my grandparents basement bar and lounge with the retro vibe and all.  There are actually  4-6 retro spaces downstairs that you can rent out for parties large or small.

Capo South Boston-4

The loss was:

  1. Dessert was very disappointing.

Capo South Boston-9

The good news is that Capo’s #1 problem is no more because they recently hired pastry chef Kate Holowchik to do dessert for both Capo and Lincoln Tavern.

Anyone within a 30 mile radius of Boston who has a sweet tooth, knows about Kate Holowchik who has been creating a reputation for herself with her playful pastries and desserts from Swedish fish macaron ice cream sandwiches to twists on an old school baked Alaska.


South Boston is lucky to have a new pastry chef in town.  If you want to see what Kate Holowchik is up to, check out her Instagram and let the cravings begin.

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