x1 for Business: It is the Little Things that Make a Big Difference – Sponsored

x1 for Business: It is the Little Things that Make a Big Difference – Sponsored

When you have a plan, whether it is for business or just running a household, it is important to always look at the big picture. You cannot stop there because as it has been said: The devil is in the details. Let me explain why. I have partnered with Comcast for this post, but as always all opinions are my own.

“The devil is in the details” is so true. When I go to a restaurant and there is a crystal clear signal for the Women’s World Cup and that is exactly what everyone hoped to see as they enjoy their lunch, the experience is that much more memorable. If the restaurant is quiet and your kids really want to watch some classic cartoons, a place where the staff offers to switch up what is on tv is a gesture not quickly forgotten. We often go out on a hot summer’s day to catch a game on tv. If the staff are busy and the remote can’t do more than click from channel to channel something’s got to give. With X1 voice remote for business nothing has to skip a beat.

X1 for Business allows restaurants, hotels, gyms and other businesses to easily search for programs. The voice controls and a picture-in-picture allow the business to cater to several audiences at once as well.

For the sports focused crowd there is even a sports content companion called the X1 Sports App that includes team and players profiles, statistics and real-time, game-specific data. This allows mother and son to geek out about their favourite Red Sox Players or father and son to discuss the latest soccer stats.

This weekend, whether you are a business using X1 or a homeowner, get ahead of the game by participating in a Day of Awesome on Saturday, June 22, Xfinity’s “Day of Awesome” at Greater Boston Region Xfinity Stores is a day to learn tips and tricks about services you may already have like X1, and some that are new to you like free Xfinity apps such as the Xfinity xFi app (a very important tool for tracking summer screen time).  There will be giveaways and refreshments too.  Check out http://www.experience-xfinity.com/ to sign up and register for a location near you.

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