Xfinity Has Chutzpah (Sponsored)

Xfinity Has Chutzpah (Sponsored)

Sometimes progress is slow, but when a company has chutzpah, the kind of chutzpah Mrs Maisel has, you’d be surprised how fast things can change. We use Xfinity services at home and I partner with them as well on posts such as this one.

I have been wanting to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel since it first came out on Amazon Prime. That was two full seasons ago. When I was invited to a screening of the first episode of season 2 I had the perfect excuse to finally watch the 1st season. Let me back track for a minute and 1st explain why I have not watched a show I had been dying to watch.

I could watch Amazon Prime Video on my Alexa Show in the kitchen, but I wanted to really watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and not just have it on in the background. So, that leaves watching it on the Amazon Fire Stick but that was plugged into the tv at the kids’ art table/homework area and that space is almost always occupied. The other option, was to watch it on my iPad, but the kids usually leave it somewhere in the house uncharged and completely dead. By the time I’m ready to relax I have no time to let the iPad charge. But then…

… the skies opened up and I heard choir music (or maybe it was just the holiday music on the radio and the light of my computer with an email from Xfinity. Here is where the chutzpah comes in. First Xfinity offered Netflix. Then you could take your shows with you anywhere you went. Now there is Amazon Prime Video too. So pretty much any platform you watch shows on, are integrated on Xfinity x1. So now you have no excuse not to catch up on our family’s favourite new show to watch together. For us it is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. X1 is the only platform to have Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube. That’s a lot of holiday show options to catch up on! What shows are you watching?

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