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Bernie Was not Here. Bernie Sanders photoshopped in front of Paddy’s Lunch, Cambridge. Photo courtesy of: Joe Mangone

Okay so maybe it took a small moment, an oddball politician and an epic, historical inauguration for people to consider them, but the best way to keep your texting tips warm all winter long is a well made pair of woolen mittens. As a teacher and parent, going outside in all sorts of weather has always been a part of my winter life. I like to think my Canadian roots had something to do with this knowledge base as well. As a new-ish knitter, and child of a devoted winter wool-wearer, I know the magical powers of woolen fibers. When I was younger wool was itchy to me, but something has changed and I now love it. I’m not sure if the fibers and how they are treated has changed or I have but whatever your experience with wool has been, I say give it another try or get some woolens that are lined with fleece. Here are some local (and beyond) options for getting your own pair of wonderful wool mittens.

These upcycled mittens from The 77 New England, are close in concept to the Bernie Sanders mitten. They are made from upcycled wool sweaters and lined with fleece. If your aesthetic is a little more New England chic than 70’s dad sweater, then these anchor mittens will be perfect for you.

Anchor Mittens from the 77 New England on Etsy.

These mittens from Sh*t That I Knit are made from Peruvian wool and have a modern functional twist. There is a little exit for your thumb and pointer finger should you need to text anyone from the cold. The Gunn Mittens are named after the stitch they are knit with and come in 10 different colours.

Sh*t That I Knit makes these gorgeous mittens.

These mittens from Huckleberry Hound Dog out of Hubberston, MA come in adult and baby sizes. I particularly like these with a little Harvard crimson on the wrist and palm. Similar to the ones from The 77 New England, they are made from upcycled wool sweaters and fleece. They also have that old school woolen sweater look that you may be going for.

The mittens made by Huckleberry Hound Dog come in adult and baby sizes.

The Grommet began curating a shop with everything you need, want and love, about ten years ago. It is a great website for finding the best version of that item you have been wanting or the perfect gift for someone. As far as woolen mittens go, they have these warm and stylish convertible mittens designed by French Knot. For more styles and colours head to French Knot directly where you can see all of the designs created by Lindsay Mason of Millbury, MA.

The Grommet sells the Rita Convertible mitten designed by French Knot and knit by female artisans in Nepal.
Upcycled wool sweaters made with so many gorgeous colours and patterns from Squirrel’s Attic.

If you want more of a 1970’s vibe then I feel like a little extra brown and orange are what you are looking for. Squirrel’s Attic has a great eye for colour. I love all the options, but these in particular have that 70’s vibe. They are made out of recycled wool sweaters and lined with fleece. Squirrel’s Attic is based in Greenfield, MA.

These mittens have that gorgeous cable knit going down the hands. I like how Sweater Mitts out of Worcester, MA uses both texture and pattern to create the mittens. Two of my favourites are the bright pink ones can you see these popping against the white snow on a stormy winter day? I’m also a fan of the black and white Norwegian style design.

Worcester’s Sweater Mitts makes these cozy and vibrant mittens out of wool sweaters and lined with fleece.

If you want to learn more about a variety of wool New England mittens, I definitely recommend checking out this article about these New England boiled wool fisherman’s mittens in Yankee Magazine. I personally am a huge fan of the Newfoundland double ball knit mittens, which you can read about here or purchase some here. I also love these designs by Jennie Juniper in Sioux Lookout, Canada.

If upcycled isn’t your cup of tea here are some other new options for mittens. These red, white and blue, fairisle knit mittens from Joules are super cute and have throwback feel to my 3rd grade snowball fights. J Crew makes some cute mittens for the little ones as well.

Heart Mittens by Jennie Juniper.

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