Here on Huron: Cambridge's Sweet Spot

Here on Huron: Cambridge's Sweet Spot

If you have ever lived off of Huron Ave. there is a good  chance that it left a strong impression. Many move to this neighborhood and can never leave thanks to a certain gravitational force. Others are here for a few years only and then return to their homelands with a little piece of Cambridge welded to their hearts.  Then there are those who were born and raised here like thier parents and grandparents before them.  

This mish-mash of a community is part of what makes it so special.  The little ‘village’ center is also what makes the neighborhood so fabulous. We have everything at our fingertips here. Come snow, sleet, hazy, hot, or humid, everything one could possibly want is a short walk away.

This weekend at Here on Huron neighbors and visitors alike are invited to come together.  Just take a look at the history there is:

  • Cambridge Trust – 42 years
  • Half Crown Design – 6 years
  • The Village Kitchen – 15 years
  • Magic Beans – 7 years
  • Bryn Mawr Book Store – 45 years
  • Easy Chairs – 36 years
  • Huville Makerspace – 5 years
  • Matthew Feldman Gallery – 16 years
  • Estetika Spa – 3 years
  • Crate Escape Too – 14 years
  • Salon at Huron Village – 8 years
  • GrayMist Studio & Shop – 10 years
  • C. Brendan Noonan & Company – 3 years
  • Fresh Pond Market – 94 years
  • Mobilia Gallery – 38 years
  • Marimekko – 10 years
  • Susi’s Gallery – 27 years
  • Full Moon – 19 years
  • J. Miles – 25 years
  • Formaggio Kitchen – 38 years

This weekend stop by and participate in some fun activities and partake i. aome great deals.

Friday 9/23 & Saturday 9/24:

Grey Mist

All day:

Sales & Discounts at the shop!

– Gift Items 20%Off

– Basket Carvings 10%Off

– Basket Materials 5%Off 

Huron Village Scavenger Hunt! 

We will be weaving a peace basket that will start in Cambridge and travel to Japan!

11am: Furoshiki Demonstration

2pm: Tea Ceremony

4pm: Origami Kabuto (Samurai Hat) Making
In addition, this weekend a neighborhood standby Paddy’s 34 will be hosting an annual 5K and friends and neighbors come out in droves to run, walk and cheer.

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